How To Make The Most Of Your Clothing And Accessories Budget In An Unfriendly Economy

Back in the high-flying 1990s, most of us women were pretty free with our budgets for clothing. Everyone had more disposable income and what better way to satisfy our shopping urges than to take a trip to the mall? With a little extra cash on hand, you didn’t even need a reason to buy a new dress, a second swimsuit or some trendy jewellery. Oh, and a pair of shoes. You might see a great sweater for your hubby, or some whimsical and cute outfit for the kids. Why not?

Well, those times are gone, for the moment anyway. Now, we all watch the sales and think twice before buying unnecessary clothing and accessories. These items are now in the luxury column of our budgets.

Now, hold the phone! There are plenty of savvy shopping strategies that can keep your wardrobe chic and versatile, despite hard times. Let’s take a look at how you can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

It really doesn’t require a lot of money to dress fashionably. What fashion chic relies on is imagination. If you have plenty of spare cash, it’s easy to fill out your clothing and accessories wardrobe with dozens of chic costumes. It’s when the budget goes south that you need to be innovative. Here’s how women have dealt with a small clothing and accessories budget in past economic down times.

I don’t even know if the term ‘mix and match’ is in the modern fashion terminology, but all this means is constructing a wardrobe in colours and cuts that can be mixed almost interchangeably. For example, one navy skirt in a classic cut, can be worn with just about any colour of shirt or sweater and look chic and smart. You can leverage this neutrality with accessories, creating several different outfits with that single navy skirt. With a soft, white sweater, accessorised with a few gold chain necklaces, gold earrings and navy shoes with a gold clip shoe accessory, you’ve got a chic costume that goes everywhere. Team that navy skirt with a bright red sweater, a string of pearls and plain navy pumps. A navy blazer, your versatile skirt and a crisp, pink shirt makes yet another fashionable costume. How about some glitz? A pencil cut navy skirt, worn with a glimmering gold or silver tank top and an artistic necklace and matching earrings in jewel tones, has you ready for a night on the town.

All of this done with a single, classic navy skirt. Other clothing and accessories matches you should think about are hats, gloves, scarves and shoe ornaments. All of these clothing and accessories items are inexpensive and versatile.

Now, with the many stunning outfits which can be made with a single skirt and the right accessories, think of how you can leverage a basic classic wardrobe into a fashionista’s dream!

Don’t let your fashion dreams die with the economy! All it takes is a little imagination.

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