Cowboy Costume

Back when I was just a young sprout, I wanted to be so many different things. Keep in mind that this changed daily. Heck, I couldn’t make up my mind. On some days I was Conan the Barbarian, on others I was a cowboy, then I was a ninja, and sometimes even Crocodile Dundee. Hey, don’t tell anyone about that last one. What in the world was I thinking? Anyway, there was always one day out of the year when I was able to show off these guises to anyone and everyone. I am referring to Halloween. AKA the candy feast. Okay, so maybe I’m the only one who calls it that. Nevertheless this was an utter blast. I loved showing off my various personalities to the town and neighbourhood. It didn’t matter if I was wearing my cowboy costume or my ninja suit; this is what I lived for.

How many times did you play cowboys and Indians as a child? Did you really ever play this game? I have to admit that I never did. Sure, I dressed up like a cowboy in my cowboy costume, but there was no one there to play with. My brothers were always off doing their own thing. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed Halloween so much. This is when I got to really show off my out fit and gun twirling talents. I loved to tote around one of those old-school pop-metal cap guns. Remember the ones that ran off the roles of paper caps? Those babies were awesome. You could actually hold down the trigger and snap the hammer back repeatedly with your opposite hand; just like in the old westerns. I did this redundantly. I think by the time I was finished with my cowboy costume and gun rig, my parents were thanking the dear Lord. Oh well, it’s not like they didn’t do the very same thing when they were kids. I’m sure they did. It may not have been a cowboy costume, but it was some get-up no doubt.

Searching for that next Halloween costume? Hey, you may want to give Halloween Express or Spencer’s Gifts a shot. These two costume suppliers carry a large variety. You’ll spot anything from vampire get-ups, to horrific clown masks, to Bart Simpson costumes, to an old-fashioned cowboy costume inside. Happy hunting and Happy Halloween!

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