Halloween Costumes for Infants

Halloween costumes for infants can be found at your local Halloween store or toy store, or you could search online for ideas, or you could just be original and spontaneous and come up with something for your baby by yourself. There is no standard metric by which Halloween costumes for infants will be judged, so take it into your own hands and come up with the idea that’s most satisfying to you and your family.

One way to approach coming up with Halloween costumes for infants from the idea stage is to consider whether or not to use your infant as an accessory. By this I don’t mean to literally attach your baby to you, but to make your costumes complimentary. Back several years ago a cousin of mine went as a giant mushroom. His oldest girl, who was about five years old at the time, wanted to go as Alice in Wonderland. Perfectly complimentary, except they had to come up with an idea for his younger girl, who was about eight months old. Since they had an Alice in Wonderland theme already, they decided to make the youngest daughter the Cheshire Cat. He could also have gone with the Hooka-Smoking-Caterpillar of the story, thought that would have involved a much more complex costume that would probably have come apart as the night went on.

Which brings us to point two: when it comes to Halloween costumes for infants, simpler is better. As I’m sure you already know, infants can and will grab, pull and rip anything they can get their hands on. Including the complex costume that you spent hours putting together and getting them into. So rather than see your hard work come undone in a matter of minutes, cut your losses and go with a minimalist approach.

I saw this idea put to good use a few years back at a party when a friend of mine showed up with her newborn. She was a martini glass, and her son was an olive. It worked perfectly and hilariously, and while it may not have been the best costume of the night it was certainly up there.

Of course Halloween costumes for infants don’t have to be group costume events, though considering that your infant will likely not remember what you did or didn’t dress them as, I say it’s best to come up with a theme the whole group can enjoy. Plus, later in life, you can show them pictures of when you dressed them as an olive. Any parent should enjoy the chance to do that!

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